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The WIPOSIM project aims to provide accessible interactive tools for macroeconomic education and the economic policy debate. Compact mini courses (COMING SOON) present introductions on the macroeconomic foundations for the available data and/or simulation tools in selected thematic areas. The mini courses are intended to provide an easy entry for people with minimal prior knowledge on the respective topic. Nevertheless, some of our interactive tools (COMING SOON) might also be of interest for more advanced users.

Materials overview


This project was created to extend the thematic range and economic policy scope of our previous project, in which we developed a free interactive online-textbook on an introduction to macroeconomics with a particular focus on the policy implications of the three-equation model of the “New consensus” in macroeconomics and a post-Keynesian alternative.

In the WIPOSIM project, we focus instead on interactive illustrations of current problems and challenges of modern economies. We cover a range of topics, some of which integrate into larger macroeconomic and/or economic policy topics, such as ecological transformation, fiscal policy, financialization or income and wealth distribution. In addition to simple didactic tools, also more complex data and/or simulation tools are developed to represent some characteristics of real economies and provide stylized interactive scenarios for illustrative purposes.

Project partners

The WIPOSIM project is a cooperation project of Franz Prante , Achim Truger and Till van Treeck (all at Institute for Socio-Economics, University of Duisburg-Essen)
and Alessandro Bramucci and Eckhard Hein (both at Institute for International Political Economy Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law) .

The WIPOSIM project was funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation .